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Oasis’ Entrepreneur Academy is an intensive, 3-months acceleration program designed for entrepreneurs with businesses in the seed stage to the growth stage.

What To Expect

You’ll receive executive-level training developed in partnership with Acton School of Business, a leading acceleration program designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. We’ve distilled their program into a 12-week curriculum and integrated real-life insights from our experience at Harvard, PricewaterhouseCoopers, McKinsey & Company, and Ernst & Young.

You will learn key business concepts for sales, finance, management, human resources, operations, and leadership. And 25% of the curriculum focuses on Purpose-Driven Business, which helps you understand the WHY, develop a successful work culture and create impact within and beyond your business.

Oasis’ Entrepreneur Academy takes a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional acceleration program without all of the theory that entrepreneurs don’t need and don’t have time for. Many alumni say it’s one of the best investments they’ve made, and they wish they had done it sooner. They learned how to save time, avoid mistakes and accelerate growth.

Program Overview



“The academy was a milestone in our business journey. Powerful topics, professional speakers with great experience that added a lot to our knowledge and to the way that we run our business and the way we manage our day-to-day activities. The assignments and in-class activities helped us to make better decisions to grow our business and dream big. We found friends, mentors and the network that every entrepreneur needs to grow a healthy business. We can say now that we have strongly invested in our business foundation.”

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“Oasis Academy, I didn’t expect that the course will be that useful to my business. It feels like the curriculum was made for me, every step was designed to help my business to act in a professional way, it teaches me a lot of ethics to be applied in my business with my partners, customers and employees. Thanks to Oasis academy for giving me the opportunity to improve my business model, thanks for the lecturers and thanks for creating successful entrepreneurs.”

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Fees: 12,000 EGP
Duration: Weekly meeting for 3 months
Address: 18 El Shaheed Sobhy Nasr St, Almaza, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt 

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